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...d taken a northeasterly route in the hope of finding land ... Vitus Bering and his Arctic Expeditions - SciHi BlogSciHi Blog ... . On July 16, the crew spotted a great, snowy mountain range rising majestically above a wooded coastline: the St. Elias Mountains that stand on what is now the border between Canada and the... Myka Ophelia Bering is an agent of the United States Secret Service stationed at Warehouse 13 in South Dakota. She is also the partner and girlfriend of Pete Lattimer. Early on in her life, in Colorado Springs, Myka's paren ... Bøger om dyr til børn ... . Early on in her life, in Colorado Springs, Myka's parents opened a bookstore called "Bering and Sons... HISTORIE Vitus Bering har blitt kalt Russlands Columbus og Tsarens danske Columbus, men det er mer rett å kalle ham Nordens Columbus. Han var dessuten nestleder i Tsar Peter den store sitt Admiralitetsråd og anbefalte Bering for Tsaren. Danske sjømenn var høyt ansett da de hadde erfaring... Rolf Fladby, Gjenreisning 1536-1648, bind 6 av Norges historie, Knut Mykland (red.), Oslo 1977. Øystein Rian, Den nye begynnelsen, 1520-1660, bind 5 av Aschehougs norgeshistorie, Knut Helle (red.), Knut Kjeldstadli, Even Lange & Sølvi Sogner (medredaktører), Oslo 1995. Peter Brown, a meteor specialist at Western University in Canada, spotted the blast independently in measurements made by global monitoring stations. The Bering Sea event is another reminder that despite efforts to identify and track space rocks that could pose a threat to Earth, sizeable meteors... Vitus Bering, Vitus Jonassen Bering, 1681-19.12.1741, dansk søfarer i russisk tjeneste. Vitus Bering blev født i Horsens, stod som ganske ung til søs og blev i 1704 hvervet som officer til den russiske marine. Artiklens indhold er godkendt af redaktionen. Link til "Vitus Bering". Vitus Bering, navigator whose exploration of the Bering Strait and Alaska prepared the way for a Russian foothold on the North American continent. After a voyage to the East Indies, Bering joined the fleet of Tsar Peter I the Great as a sublieutenant. BERING, VITUS JONASSEN (1681-1741), Russian explorer of Danish descent. Vitus Bering [1] was the captain-commander of two expeditions exploring the relative positions of the coasts of Siberia [2] and North America [3]. « vous avez été informé de la procédure de rappel de produit concernant un air bag filaire modèle C-PROTECT AIR de marque BERING. Who are we ? BERING , A half century of experience in protecting mankind… The bog itself is little more than a spongy carpet of moss, with a few sad trees poking out. An ethereal stillness hangs over it. Even the Danish bog bodies who furnish the master narrative are being re-examined to determine how well P. V. Glob's old story still fits. "Bathsheba Demuth's history flows as richly and fluidly as Arctic waters. As she tracks the dynamics of the modernist ecological makeover of the Bering Strait, Demuth is inventing a new form of historical narrative." - Kate Brown, author of Manual for Survival. With Mille Lehfeldt, Peter Gantzler, Trine Dyrholm, Danica Curcic. A group of Danes over 30, in different relationships, meet each other at 8 different kinds of parties. Share this Rating. Title: Lang historie kort (2015). Crossing the Bering Strait. It is easy when looking at a globe of the earth, to become captivated by the narrow gap separating North America and Siberia. It is virtually impossible for a westerner to receive permission to arrive on the Russian shores of the Bering Strait. Ужасы, фэнтези, триллер. Режиссер: Корнел Мундруцо. В ролях: Жофия Псотта, Шандор Жотер, Лили Хорват и др. Главная героиня после отъезда мате...