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...stant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University with a Ph ... Cal Newport | WIRED ... .D from MIT. Functioning in the digital age, Newport studies Cal Newport offers a fresh perspective as to the drawbacks to living your life by following your passion. Sometimes leading to underdeveloped careers... About this presentation American culture is obsessed with the idea that we need to "find our passion" in order to be happy and successful. But there's a... The author Cal Newport has an amazing blog where al ... Cal Newport LIVE Chat on Product Hunt ... . But there's a... The author Cal Newport has an amazing blog where all of this advice and more is available for free. It is good to give people nice, compact books though. They probably w I'm giving this to my high school cousin to help cure her "87 clubs syndrome" and generally protect against a certain masochistic and... Cal Newport. Cal Newport is an assistant professor of computer science at Georgetown University and the author of "So Good They Can't Ignore You," a book which debunks the long-held belief that "follow your passion" is good advice. I do not personally follow Cal Newport's techniques despite enjoying the book. I do advise upcoming highschool students to follow them because I do believe they are quite useful. I was sort of trapped in this extracurricular world where Speech and... Cal Newport é professor associado de ciência da computação na Universidade de Georgetown, especialista na teoria dos algoritmos distribuídos. Posts About Cal Newport. There are no stories available. Det arbejde vi laver i FADL kan kun fungere, fordi der er støtte til det. Den vigtigste støtte kommer fra jer medlemmer. Økonomisk støtte, så foreningen kan løbe rundt og vi kan betale vores dygtige og kompetente medarbejdere, der løser de opgaver... Cal Newport is Op-ed contributor on WIRED. Read Cal Newport's bio and get latest news stories and articles. Connect with users and join the conversation at WIRED. Cal Newport, author of the Study Hacks blog and best-selling books like So Good They Can't Ignore You, talks with me about the importance of building skills over "finding your passion Cal Newport is one of the people whose advice on finding a career stands on a much more solid middle ground. Digitální minimalismus - Cal Newport. Zkroťte návykové technologie a získejte zpět svůj čas a koncentraci. Digitální minimalisté jsou spokojení lidé, kteří nezažívají strach, že jim v online světě něco utí... detail knihy. Newport Academy locations offer treatment across the country. Our academy locations include dual diagnosis treatment centers in CT, CA and more. Alt om emnet 'Arbejd Arbejd' på VICE. Vi har snakket med forfatteren bag den nye bog om unødvendigt arbejde, 'Bullshit Jobs: A Theory'....