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Det er en klassiker og givet på et forholdsvist letforståeligt sprog "kød" på begrebet tavs viden. Uundværlig for studerende og professionsudøvere.

... Thomas Kuhn and Karl Popper. Michael Polanyi was born in March 1891 in Budapest Hungary ... TOP 25 QUOTES BY MICHAEL POLANYI | A-Z Quotes ... . His parents were Cecilia Wohl and Mihaly Polacsek whose background was in engineering and business. Raised and schooled in Budapest Polanyi remained there to attend the University of Budapest where he completed a degree... The Tacit Dimension. Michael Polanyi (1891-1976) made a profound contribution both to the philosophy of science and social science. Born in Budapest into a upper class Jewish family..., he studied at the University the ... Den tavse dimension - Böcker - CDON.COM ... . Born in Budapest into a upper class Jewish family..., he studied at the University there (gaining doctoral degrees both in medicine and physical science) and... @inproceedings{Fingesten1968TheTD, title={The tacit dimension: Michael Polanyi: Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday and Co., 1966, 108 pages, \$3.50}, author={Peter Fingesten}, year={1968} }. Michael Polanyi helped to deepen our appreciation of the contribution of 'tacit knowing' to the generation of new understandings and social and scie… Michael Polanyi's "The Tacit Dimension" is one of the greatest books on the philosophy of understanding what we don't understand there is. Discover Michael Polanyi famous and rare quotes. Share Michael Polanyi quotations about physics, belief and chemistry. "We know more than we can tell." Michael Polanyi, Amartya Sen (2009). "The Tacit Dimension", p.4, University of Chicago Press. Polanyi, M. (1969), Knowing and Being: Essays by Michael Polanyi , Routledge, London. Quatraro, F. (2011), ''Knowledge structure and regional economic growth: the French case'', in Libecap, G.D. and Hoskinson, S. (Eds), Entrepreneurship and Global Competitiveness in Regional Economies... Polanyi (1967) has analysed this knowledge at the roots of common sense as "tacit knowledge." In its receptive dimension, openness means, roughly, the ability to undergo something radically new; in its responsive dimension, it means a readiness to actively and creatively respond to this event. Find Michael Polanyi solutions at now. Below are Chegg supported textbooks by Michael Polanyi. Select a textbook to see worked-out Solutions. Richard Allen, R. T. Allen, Michael Polanyi. The Tacit Dimension 0th Edition 0 Problems solved. Scientist and Social thinker, Michael Polanyi is commonly known as an author of "Tacit Dimension", and his idea of "Tacit knowing" is quite popular. However, there are only few researches on his liberalism and its historical context, although his first interest was totalitarianism in 1930s....