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Jeg har gået til yoga i to år og ville gerne finde en bog til hjemmebrug, og så faldt jeg over Yvonne Hansens bog "Yin Yoga" Den giver en god forklaring af yoga, er nem at forstå med rigtig gode illustrationer og programmer der er lige til at bruge for at komme i gang med et godt og langt liv med YOGA !!Alletiders bog, kan stærkt anbefales!!

...od of time in a relaxed manner, up to 5 minutes or more ... Yin Yoga 101: Everything You Need to Know About The Practice ... . The practice of yin yoga is based on ancient Chinese philosophies and Taoist principles which believe there are pathways of Qi (energy) that run through "A yin yoga sequence has a very similar effect on our energies as an acupuncture treatment," yin yoga instructor Stefanie Arend previously tells mbg. In this yin yoga class, Nyk guides you in and out of two poses that will help release and open your hips: dragon and swan. Don't worry if the full poses aren't available to you ... Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Asia and Europe - With Yin Yoga ... . Don't worry if the full poses aren't available to you today! Nyk offers plenty of variations to make this practice as accessible as possible. Yin Yoga has become a staple at many studios. If you haven't tried a yin class yet, you might simply be wondering what it's all about. What are the general benefits of Yin Yoga? From a physical standpoint, yin postures are all about release. Postures and breathwork typically focus on... Yin yoga, on the other hand, involves holding gentle poses for up to 10 minutes. Remaining still for such a long time is hard - especially for runners - but relaxing into these poses promotes joint mobility and prevents degeneration. Plus, the inward focus developed through yin yoga can help you better... Purpose Of Yin Yoga. Connective Tissue is Yin because it is stiff and inelastic. To balance and bring a bit more Yang into your body in a soft approach think Stretch Yin Yoga is also great for reducing stress in the body and mind. Holding poses without distraction for several minutes teaches us to relax. Yin yoga postures gently bring the nervous system into a calm rest and digest state, allowing stress and anxiety to melt away. This month's Yin Yoga Sequence is aptly titled "Low and Slow", inviting an earthy, grounded energy, and physically, targeting the lower body, including the feet and ankles. "Yin yoga is joint rehabilitation," says Paul Grilley, the godfather of the movement. "The poses work your joints in a way similar to how other types of exercise work your heart." Rather than flowing vigorously between postures, as you would in a fast-paced, "yang"-style ashtanga or vinyasa class... Yin--the opposing energy of yang--is a slow-moving, grounded practice where practitioners hold each posture for around 3-5 minutes (and sometimes as long as 20 minutes). Intended to deepen the flexibility and elasticity of connective tissues like fascia, yin yoga is a complementary practice to the... Though Yin Yoga and restorative yoga are similar in that poses are held for long periods, they have fundamentally different purposes. It is possible to get yin benefits from doing restorative poses, but the goal is not relaxation. Restorative poses are typically much more supported using props. Yin Yoga is designed to gently put tension on connective tissues like ligaments, tendons and fascia, which is a layer of tissue that surrounds your muscles. Instead of moving through poses in a matter of seconds without letting the muscles relax, Yin Yogis hold a pose for a matter of minutes... Use the Yin-Yang feng shui theory with feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) energies with simple and mindful decor for good feng shui in your home. Yin/Yang yoga is a practice that balances the slow-paced Yin yoga with the traditional Yang yoga (Ashtanga and Hatha). Yin/Yang yoga has its roots in China in the Taoist concepts of yin — a feminine, passive, cooling energy — and yang — a masculine, dynamic, warming energy. Yin Yoga ist ein ruhiger, passiver Yoga-Stil, der größtenteils im Liegen und Sitzen praktiziert wird. Yin Yoga wurde Mitte der 1980er Jahre von Paulie Zink aus einer Synthese von Hatha Yog...